Faculty of Arts

Call for Proposals


Area: Security (food, cyber, social, etc); Societies (including inclusive societies);
Pillar/Axis: N.A.
Programme: Union Civil Protection Mechanism
Subprogramme: N.A.
Reference: UCPM-2019-EX-AG
Theme/Topic: Union Civil Protection Mechanism Full Scale Exercises
Deadline: 15-05-2019

Area: Health, Ageing; Information and Communication Technologies;
Pillar/Axis: N.A.
Programme: ECSEL Joint Undertaking
Subprogramme: N.A.
Reference: ECSEL-2019-1-IA
Theme/Topic: Health.E-one-stage– Coordination and Support Action for Health.E Lighthouse Initiative (ECSEL-CSA)
Deadline: 27-03-2019