Faculty of Economics

Call for Proposals


Area: Other; Societies (including inclusive societies);
Pillar/Axis: Comissão para a Cidadania e a Igualdade de Género (CIG)
Programme: EEA Grants
Subprogramme: N.A.
Reference: Open Call#5
Theme/Topic: Projetos para a promoção da igualdade entre mulheres e homens ao nível local
Deadline: 10-05-2019

Area: Scientific (infra) Structures (scientific dimension); Agriculture; Food, Nutrition; Legal and Financial Aspects; Bioeconomy; Biotechnology; Science and Society; Climate, Environment; Culture, Media; Sports; Scientific Promotion and Dissemination; Research Employment, Mobility and Career Development; Energy; Space; Technological Structures (service provision and business dimension); Training; Governance; Interface with Enterprises; Frontier Research; Youth; Materials Processing and Manufacture; Sea; Mobility; Nanotechnology; Other (Infra) Structures; Other; SME and Innovation; Health, Ageing; Security (food, cyber, social, etc); Societies (including inclusive societies); Information and Communication Technologies; Future and Emerging Technologies; Transport, Urban Mobility, Smart Cities;
Pillar/Axis: N.A.
Programme: Horizonte 2020
Subprogramme: N.A.
Reference: N.A.
Theme/Topic: Horizon Impact Award
Deadline: 28-05-2019

Area: Other;
Pillar/Axis: N.A.
Programme: UNESCO
Subprogramme: N.A.
Reference: N.A.
Theme/Topic: UNESCO Hamdan Prize for the effectiveness of teachers
Deadline: 31-10-2019