Faculty of Medicine

Call for Proposals


Area: Research Employment, Mobility and Career Development;
Pillar/Axis: Excellent Science
Programme: Horizonte 2020
Subprogramme: N.A.
Reference: MSCA-COFUND-2018
Theme/Topic: Co-funding of regional, national and international programmes
Deadline: 27-09-2018

Area: Food, Nutrition; Health, Ageing; Security (food, cyber, social, etc);
Pillar/Axis: N.A.
Programme: European Food Safety Authority
Subprogramme: N.A.
Reference: GP/EFSA/DATA/2018/01
Theme/Topic: Identifying organisations that can be entrusted by EFSA for “Provision of end user scientific support to EFSA on FoodEx2”
Deadline: 31-05-2018