Faculty of Engineering

Events – Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Other


Area: Health, Ageing;
Title: Smart Health Conference and Partnering Event
Type of Event: Bilateral meeting
Date(s): 29-06-2017
Local: Zurique, Suíça

Area: Other;
Title: Increasing impact from publicly funded research
Type of Event: Conference
Date(s): 28-06-2017
Local: Bruxelas, Bélgica

Area: Legal and Financial Aspects;
Title: 2 day Finance in Horizon 2020
Type of Event: Training session
Date(s): 05-07-2017
Local: St. Ives, Inglaterra

Area: Frontier Research;
Title: 10 Years of ERC: Aiming for the Stars
Type of Event: Conference
Date(s): 06-07-2017
Local: Genebra, Suíça