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Area: Other;
Title: Increasing impact from publicly funded research
Type of Event: Conference
Date(s): 28-06-2017
Location: Bruxelas, Bélgica

Area: Legal and Financial Aspects;
Title: 2 day Finance in Horizon 2020
Type of Event: Training session
Date(s): 05-07-2017
Location: St. Ives, Inglaterra

Area: Frontier Research;
Title: 10 Years of ERC: Aiming for the Stars
Type of Event: Conference
Date(s): 06-07-2017
Location: Genebra, Suíça


Area: Scientific (infra) Structures (scientific dimension); Agriculture; Food, Nutrition; Legal and Financial Aspects; Bioeconomy; Biotechnology; Science and Society; Climate, Environment; Culture; Sports; Scientific Promotion and Dissemination; Research Employment, Mobility and Career Development; Energy; Space; Technological Structures (service provision and business dimension); Training; Governance; Interface with Enterprises; Frontier Research; Youth; Materials Processing and Manufacture; Sea; Mobility; Nanotechnology; Other (Infra) Structures; Other; SME and Innovation; Health, Ageing; Security (food, cyber, social, etc); Societies (including inclusive societies); Information and Communication Technologies; Future and Emerging Technologies; Transport, Urban Mobility, Smart Cities;
Title: Financiamento, Organização e Montagem de Candidaturas a Fundos Comunitários - PORTUGAL 2020 - 2ª Ed
Type of Event: Training session
Date(s): De a 05 a 07-06-2017
Location: Porto